1031 Exchange Experts

We handle all exchanges, including reverse and improvement exchanges.

As your Qualified Intermediary, Title Exchange Services, LLC facilitates tax-deferred 1031 exchanges from start to finish. Our experienced staff is trained to prepare compliant documentation, securely hold your funds, provide general guidance throughout the closing and property identification process, and we will work with your Tax Counsel and CPA to save you money and time. We pride ourselves on being industry experts and are committed to the success of every transaction. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, we serve customers in nearly all 50 states.
Make Your Tax Liability Work for You

Defer capital gains tax liability and re-invest all your money into new opportunities.

Why Title Exchange Services, LLC?

1031 exchanges are all we do, making us the best choice for your next transaction.


Funds for each exchange account are held in segregated escrow accounts with FDIC insurance (up to legal limits). We are properly bonded and insured.

Team of Problem Solvers

While some exchanges can be simple and straightforward, others can have many layers of complexity. We enjoy a challenge and work closely with our Exchangors and their advisors to get every transaction structured and closed in the most optimal manner possible!

IRS Compliance

Our team will ensure the proper documentation and timelines are met under the IRS rules and regulations. However, we do NOT provide tax guidance, and each Exchangor is strongly advised to review their potential tax liability and deferral calculations with their Tax Advisors in order to ensure full compliance.


We pay meticulous attention to detail and confirm regulatory deadlines are met to ensure successful exchanges.

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